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NW International Psychotherapy offers digital and culturally sensitive psychotherapeutic treatment from a cognitive-behavioural perspective in various different languages. We not only offer mental health care to Internationals, but also support employers and occupational health services in the mental health care of their employees.

  • Multi-lingual team
  • Trusted & Experienced
  • Covered by Health Insurance
  • Online Sessions

We provide therapy in your language from the comfort of your home

We believe that the future lies in online therapy, which is why we are a 100% digital company. NW International Psychotherapy offers evidence-based treatments from the comfort of your home and in your Native language. Currently we offer therapy in English, Polish and German.

Trusted by Referrers, Companies and Occupational Health Services

Absenteeism and mental illness of employees create high costs for companies. The lack of available mental health care, especially for Non-Dutch speaking people, exhilarates the existing problem. NW International Psychotherapy offers support to companies and occupational health services to tackle this problem. With our straightforward referral process, we also hope to support referrers in their work.

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